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medical treatment

Cancer incidence rates are increasing, but at the same time cure rates are improving dramatically, especially if we are able
to detect precancerous lesions or detect cancer at an early stage. 
Early detection is therefore particularly close to our hearts and is a focus of our practice.

We perform the following examinations with great care:

- Examination and cytological smeartest of the cervix (PAP smear, thin-layer cytology, staining).
- Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs 
- Palpation of breast and armpits
- Ultrasound examination of the breast - regularly from the age of 30 and depending on individual risk
- Depending on the individual risk, further examinations (HPV test, stool samples, laboratory tests, special urine tests...)
- Recommendation for further examinations such as mammography, bone density measurement, gastrointestinal endoscopy and others

" Who stops getting better,
has stoped to be good "

Philip Rosenthal